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The New Paradigm in Hypovolemic Shock Management

Lyfaquin® is indicated as a resuscitative agent for the treatment of patients with hypovolemic shock as an adjuvant to standard of care. Lyfaquin® uniquely stimulates α2B adrenergic receptors to increase venous blood return and cardiac output; and on α2A adrenergic receptors to decrease vascular resistance, thereby enhancing tissue blood perfusion. It is a key improvement over current therapy by complementing with standard of care.

Lyfaquin® injection is a sterile preparation of 1.0 mg centhaquine citrate intended for intravenous use. The product is available as 10 mL amber tubular glass vial. It is soluble in sodium chloride Injection I.P. (0.9% w/v). The active ingredient centhaquine citrate is white crystalline powder with empirical formula C28H33N3O7 and molecular weight of 523.58. The chemical name of centhaquine citrate is, 2-[2-[4-(3-Methylphenyl)-1-piperazinyl]ethyl] quinoline citrate. Clinical study confirms that Lyfaquin® has a wide safety margin and the therapeutic dose is standardized as 0.01 mg / Kg body weight.